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Forming the basis of our standard range of files the Wile Fallet is made from 315gsm manilla, giving a lower cost file whilst still providing a quality exceeding that of the light weight massed produced files.

This gives a longer lasting file more suited to the rigours of office life that does not crease and tear as easily as the cheaper alternatives

Available in two sizes, with a wide range of fittings and in 11 colours you may well not need to look any further for a file to match your specifications.

Our most popular range of general purpose Wallet File are supplied plain as standard, but can be overprinted with any specific text or Logo

315gsm Manilla for a lower cost

Available with a variety of fittings (For holding punched papers)

Integrated Pouch (For holding plans or other loose documents)

Two sizes

355mm wide by 228mm (9”) tall - A4

355mm wide by 254mm (10”) tall- Foolscap  

Overprinting (as an optional extra)

11 Colours

Blue, Buff, Cream, Dark Green, Green,

Grey, Lavender, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow

Wile Fallet