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The first of the Heavyweight Files.

Similar to the 10” Wile Fallet, but made from premium 485gsm Manilla this file is built to last.

The file comes supplied as standard with a spring / sorting device. The metal springs take standard punched papers, with a compressor to keep things neat and tidy. A transfer plate (or sorter) is also attached to facilitate inserting or removal of sheets from within the stack of papers.

Quality 485gsm manilla (For durability and a longer life)

2 Metal Coil Springs and Compressor (To hold punched papers)

Sorting device/Transfer Plate (allows sheets to be added and removed)

Integrated Pouch For holding plans or other loose documents

(Also available without the pouch - see Spring Sorting File)

One Size

355mm high by 270mm wide

Metal or Plastic Fittings available - according to your preference

11 Colours

Blue, Buff, Cream, Dark Green, Green,

Grey, Lavender, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow


Supplied plain as standard, but can be overprinted with any specific text or Logo, to your requirements

Laura Norda